Out of the Box Operational Solutions specialises in working with professionals, ex-military, their spouses, and past offenders to deliver a streamlined recruitment service that suits you.

Finding the Right Job

Finding the Right Candidates

What do we do


Out of the Box Operational Solutions Ltd will always attempt to solve problems by looking Out of the Box and find solutions which fits your criteria and operational needs.

This page will show you the scope of Training and Support we can deliver to you as an Individual or a Company.



finding the right job
  • First Aid 
  • There are may more courses or How to become a leader (ideal for newly promoted Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers. 
  • Safe Efficient Drivers Course (Bespoke to your Company) Insurance Company Approved.
  • Certificate of Professional Competence Management and Driver.
  • Yarder Management
  • Shunter and Banksman Course
  • Fuel Efficiency Driving
  • Reversing Techniques (cone courses for improving reversing ability)
  • Highway Code
  • Chauffer Driving
  • Basic Maintenance and Daily Parades 
  • Accident Reporting
  • SIA   

Why not consider having a course bespoke for your needs.

Finding the Right Candidates

We work directly with businesses looking to provide employment and professional development opportunities to professionals, military veterans, their spouses and previous offenders looking to re-enter the workforce. 

We also provide accredited in-house learning opportunities for candidates who may need in-depth introductory training, updates on their certifications, or further training to ensure they satisfy the specific requirements of your open position.